Night Snorkeling on Little Corn

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Night snorkeling – A truly unique experience !

Come and experience the Ocean’s incredible underwater nightlife! You could see Midnight Parrotfish, Octopus, Turtles, Hunting Sharks, Glowing Plankton, and String-of-Pearls.

Aqua Boy was the first operator on the island to offer a night snorkeling experience. On this trip we will provide special ultraviolet lights, which will allow you to see the corals‘ vibrant colors in a unique way.

One of the highlights is definitely the ‚Glowing Plankton‘, which twinkles like stars at the bottom of the sea. You shouldn’t miss out on this fascinating experience.


The tour starts daily at 5:30 p.m and lasts for about 1,5 hours. Your return to the island will be around 7 p.m.

The usual group size is between 2 and 8 People.


Price per person is 25 Dollar. You are provided with a waterproof flashlight. Snorkeling gear and guide are included.

Discounts are available for groups or if you book more than one activity with us.

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